About us

The purpose of our consulting services is to give you access to expertise you do not have, not to try to sell you our other services. We will analyze your problems and root out the underlying causes. Since any problem can have many solutions, we will present several options to you and recommend the one we think is most appropriate. If the recommended solution includes software development, we will present you with several firms capable of doing the job.

Our consulting fee is $75 per hour. The first hour is free, with no obligation on your part.

You can contract Information Management Services to develop software, manage a development project carried out by your own or someone else's employees, or for any phase of a project.

IMS has experience in every phase of software development. From requirements definition, to analysis, specification, design, coding, testing and implementation, we maintain the highest standards. We are adept as traditional methodologies as well as  rapid development and iterative techniques.

Most of our contracts involve complete application development. We usually charge a fixed price determined by the scope and complexity of the project. Cost estimates for software development projects are notoriously inaccurate. Our fixed price guarantee means that you will never pay more than the estimate.

Whenever possible, we prefer to develop applications on our own systems. And we prefer to do it offsite. This saves you equipment and accommodation costs and the cost of our development tools. It also allows us to work in a familiar environment where we can control the interruptions.

Sometimes, though, we need to work at your location. This is especially true for smaller projects with rapid development times. Those kinds of projects usually require more feedback from potential users and access to decision makers. Even then, though, we prefer to use our own computers and tools.

IMS does not maintain a large stable of developers waiting for projects. Every project is unique and require different skills sets. We will subcontract the skills we need as appropriate.

Although IMS does not sell hardware or software, we can help you buy it. We'll help you define a list of requirements and specifications that you can take to the vendors. We'll help you develop tests that will make sure your purchases actually solve the problem.

We can even do the shopping for you. We have established relationships with some local dealers that allow us to get deep discounts and priority service. We can usually find someone local who can match the "big box" store prices but still provide personal service.

The amount we charge for this service depends on how much research we have to do to find the right products. In most cases, the savings we find more than cover our charges.