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We do not have any postions open at the present time.

In order to provide the best service to my clients, I contract specialists in the fields required for each job. That way I can fit the right person to the job rather than forcing the job to fit the people available. At the present time I am building an inventory of professionals in the fields listed below. If you have the required skills and can take short- to mid-term contracts in southeastern Ontario, please send your résumé to:

Human Resources
Information Management Services
832 MacOdrum Av.
Brockville ON K6V 6H5

Business AnalystYou have more than 10 years experince identifying and analyzing  business problems, defining requirements, designing and implementing solutions. You have a wide variety of experience including small business systems. You are familiar with several programming lanuages and database management systems. You have excellent communication skills.
Programmer AnalystYou have more than 5 years experience implementing systems, including at least three years working in design. You are self-motivated. You will work long hours when required but prefer planning the project so you do not have to. You accept that the requirements and design will change as project progresses. You are familiar with at least two programming languages and fluent in one (Java or Java script preferred but not necessary).
Database AnalystYou have at least 5 years experience designing and developing database management systems. You have worked with several dialects of SQL and are familiar with XML, including DTD.