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Information Management Services is dedicated to helping small businesses achieve their goals through the effective use of custom computer programs.

What does "effective use of computer programs" means? For a startup airfreight broker, it meant integrating a custom database for waybills with a commercial, off-the-shelf accounting system. Not only did this give them instant financial information but it also provided shipment tracing and tracking, features that had cost their bigger competition millions of dollars. 

For a small product fulfillment shop, it meant being able to ship more than 25,000 parcels in six weeks without losing a single package. IMS wrote a database application that imported the distribution list from the customer's Excel spreadsheet, converted the data and exported it to the Canada Post desktop shipping tool. That tool generated tracking numbers, calculated postage and printed label. It also exported the manifests to the IMS software so the tracking number could be related to the recipient. The IMS software was also able to access Canada Post's online tracking system, download information about the shipments and update the database. It was able to alert the fulfiller when a shipment appeared to be delayed so corrective action could be taken while the information was still fresh.

Both of the examples cited took less than 2 months to develop and cost less than $10,000. The return on investment was immediate. The airfreight company was considering commercial software that cost between %50,000 and $100,000 and did not provide as much functionality. The fullfillment company would have had to hire, provision and supervise eight to ten temporary employees at a minimum cost of $19,200.

You may not need a line-of-business application like either of the examples. Maybe you need to transcribe information from your spreadsheets to those pesky government forms. IMS can create  custom reports that can do that. If you are constantly cutting and pasting information from one source to another, we can create an integration database that gives you a consolidated view of your information without forcing you to change the way you do business.

Whether you need a complete business application or just a couple of lines of code, Information Management Services always makes sure you get bang for your buck. We never take on a job we cannot justify in dollars and sense.

And we give the best guarantee in the business. We don't just guarantee that our code works, we also guarantee that it does the job it is supposed to do. Before we start coding, before we even give you an estimate, we make sure we understand exactly what your expectations are. We then design and develop a system that meets or exceeds those expectations. If the finished product does not meet your expectations, we'll fix it, at no additional cost.

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* Source: Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Rated R: Prosperity Restricted by Red Tape, December 2005